FAQ – Frequently asked questions by our customers

For convenience, we would like to list here the most frequent questions that we have been receiving from our customers.

1. What is the Factory’s address and how to get there?

V-COATING Factory is located in Pho Noi B Textile Industrial Park, Lieu Xa ward, Yen My district, Hung Yen province, (phase II, close to the intersection of national roads No.5 and No. 39A) and at the third plot on your left hand when driving from the Industrial Park entrance. You can also refer to the map attached to our homepage to get navigation to the Factory.


2. What are Company’s business fields?

We works in fabricating, constructing, installing steel structure products that serve telecommunication, electricity, transportation, construction projects and providing hot-dip galvanizing service. Our steel structure workshop capacity is 40,000 ton per year and hot-dip galvanizing workshop capacity is 80,000 ton per year.


3. What is the size of V-COATING’s tanks? Is it possible to galvanize non-standard, oversized goods? What do we need to pay attention to before deliver goods to the Factory?

Size of hot-dip galvanzing tanks at V-COATING Factory is 12.6m (Length) x 1.6m (Width) x 2.6m (Depth)

If your products exceed the size of the tanks, please contact us directly for advice on solutions. Some questions should be clarified before goods is delivered to our galvanizing workshop:

– Is your product designed to ensure the galvanizing discharge technology?

– Does your product exceed the size of the tank?

– Have you eliminates from your product the factors of warping risk?

– Under which standard do you want your product to be galvanized?


4. How long does it take to galvanize and finish the products?

It takes about 4 to 6 working hours to finish a hot-dip galvanizing process at V-COATING since the goods are put into the production line until they are ready for delivery, depending on weigh and product characteristics… Please contact us in case of emergency or if you have special needs.


5. Does Company support customers on packaging? Does Company provide post-galvanized painting service?

Yes, we do. Post-galvanized product will be baled under manufacturer specifications. If you have other packaging requirements, please contact us in advance to come to an agreement of unit price and method.

We do provide post-galvanized painting service and shot-blasting (pre-galvanized surface cleaning) service. Please contact our hotline 090 8855 689 or email to for more information.


6. What is warehouse and delivery department’s working time in a normal working day?

Our warehouse department works from 7h30 to 11h30 in the morning and from 13h00 to 17h00 in the afternoon. However, if there are receipt and delivery demands arising in another time frame, please work in advance with our Project Assistants to be supported..


7. Does Company support customers on delivery and transportation?

Yes, we do. V-COATING has more than 20 trucks, tractor trailers and more than 5 fort-lift trucks with different loading capacities to serve varied demands of customers. Besides, V-COATING is strategic partner of Vietnam leading logistics companies, meeting almost demands of domestic and international logistics.


8. Which standard does V-COATING hot-dip galvanizing products comply with?

V-COATING Factory can meet all customer requirements of galvanizing quality standards such as 18 TCN04-92 (for electricity products); ASTM A123M (USA); JIS 04861 (Japan); ISO 1641 (International)…


9. Post-galvanized product quality assessment method?

Please refer to American Galvanizers Association document at this link: for more information.